We will start by saying HELLO to everyone and THANK YOU for taking a few minutes of your time to read a little about us :). 

  We are Kelly and Alice from Moscow,Russia..yeah..i know what you`ll say..mmm.. " is so cold there"..hehehe..yes it is,but we know how to heat things and raise the temperature:D

  Lest`s continue with something about us individual:

- Kelly 23 years old ,that i have for a few days..HAPPY B-DAY to me..yupyy..:d..I am the one with the shorter hair and bigger boobs..hahaha..and the nastier between us..or at least,that is what i like ti think lol:P.I am bisexual,i like electronic music,italian food,all types of movies..depends on my mood :D..to have fun ,and by fun i mean everythingh that involves alchool ,hahaha , and pole dance lol..yeah.. that`s my big dark secret,i love to see pole dancing girls:D..that is such a big turn on for me and i think all the guys will agree..mm..right?!..and trust me,here in Russia we have some very good strippers..so..if i have this a a main thing to look at,a lot of alchool combines with good nusic..is just the description of a great night out for me :P.Right now,i bet that you are asking if this is all..i mean that if i am just a wild party girl,lol..of course not...:D...i am also very romantic,i like to walk on beach in the nights with full moon ,to hold hands and kiss at the light of some good smelling candels:Dhehe..i also work out..as you can see,hahaha,,o am so modest lol..i know .. and a lot of other things,but i wouldn`t like to bore you :D and i will let you discover the rest of mistery,lol

-Alice,25 years old,the one with long haid and very good looking..hahaha..p.s: Kelly just poked me for that..lol.. i love challenges so i am always looking to try new things..i also like to do nasty things in public places cause i am addicted of adrenaline hehehe..so where things that increase your heart beat happen ..check out for me...i`m most sure there..hahahah.On the other side i like a lot to read , books are like another dimension for me..somethimes i just get lost in them ..i like everything from love to horror ones :D..and because we all know that the ones that read a lot are dreamers..well...i am too.. i love to dream and fantasy about a lot of things,some of them very nasty lol..that will make you blush for sure :D. Another thing that i should mention is that i just love and love to dance..dancing make me feel happy and in good mood all the time,and of course ,as you can see...it keeps me in shape hahaha :D.Like Kelly i have a lot of other things that i could share with you but i will let you discover them..this way is more exciting

   Now that we have told you a little about us as individual..we will right a little about us as a couple..is hard to start with something cause if individual we are awsome..just imagine how we are as a couple..mm..i think the right word is EXPLOSIVE..yeah,we are like a bomb that could explode in any moment,not only cause we are sooo hot..hahaha :P ...the other reason would be that we take everything to extreme..nothing is normal and everything is very intense.. :D..but let`s start with  basic things..e are and live togheter for 5 years.WE are booth bisexual and we are in a open relation..that means we can booth meet and have fun with other person..boys or girls..or,why not...all togheter..hahaha..that is even better  lol...Some of you are asking how we did it so far..how we make it thru 5 years...well we like the same things..know what are the important things in life,where we wanna get and what we wanna do...Beside the fact that we booth like to meet new people,to learn new things about everything,wild party lol...we love to travel ..to see and know new culture`s and everything that is to know in this big,bad world hehe..

    Well guys..i think that this is enough for now...for our first post..i am glad that yoy have been so patient and read all..it means you are interested and we will see you on our page for more :)..next post will be about what we like in sex and what can you see in pvt ...muahhh


 P.S. This was Alice writing...just in case you were wondering..haha..:*:*:*


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